Wire stripper


Parallax’s Quadcopter Kit, the ELEV-8, is a great way to get into flying RC. The build is fairly simple and you’ll end up with an awesome quad that’s stable, maneuverable, and quick. You can purchase it in the Maker Shed! Scroll down to the “Downloads and Resources” section on Parallax’s product page for an awesome […]

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EZ-EL Wire Michael Jackson Costume

This guide will teach you how to make your very own Michael Jackson costume with EZ-EL Wire! For more cool ideas check out https://ez-el.com/tutorials! The 25′ EZ-EL Wire Kits you will need for this project can be purchased here. Enter coupon code MAKEmj at checkout for a discount!

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Tiny Wanderer “Moth”

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/37227430 w=560&h=315] Adding CdS photocell sensors to your Tiny Wanderer robot allows it to see a spectrum of light that is similar to what humans perceive. With two sensors, the robot can monitor two directions for light level differences and be programmed to either turn to or to avoid high light levels. In this […]

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