LEGO smartphone gaming rigs

These are fun enclosures for your iPod or other smartphone. I made a simple one for my G1, and now need to find some driving/biking games to try it out on. This is a great way to test out your rapid prototyping skills. Once you get a decent iteration, then... Read more »

“Why I believe in maker culture”

My friend, Willow Bay, has a brief piece on The Steampunk Workshop called “Why I believe in maker culture.” Snip: All the things I do in life (which, admittedly, is a lot) are about Doing. I’m up to my eyeballs in Stuff to Do and up to my elbows in... Read more »

Projects: Failure and the cover of MAKE, Volume 06

When I think of horrifically frustrating project experiences that end in an outcome far exceeding expectations, two instances spring to mind. I tell these stories frequently (stop me if you’ve heard this one before) because I think they represent the power of perseverance in the face of projected failure. The... Read more »

25 chips that made history

IEEE Spectrum’s 25 Microchips That Shook the World presents a list of most groundbreaking IC’s, including familiar classics like the 555 timer, 741 operational amplifier, and a link roundup to relevant info resources – good stuff. [via jeriellsworth] Read more »