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"Why I believe in maker culture"

My friend, Willow Bay, has a brief piece on The Steampunk Workshop called “Why I believe in maker culture.” Snip: All the things I do in life (which, admittedly, is a lot) are about Doing. I’m up to my eyeballs in Stuff to Do and up to my elbows in... Read more »

Dazzle camouflage

Interesting article over on TwistedSifter about the use of so-called "dazzle" or "razzle-dazzle" camouflage beginning during WWI. (The Wikipedia article is pretty good, too.) It's a kind of practical op-art: The idea was not so much to make the ship invisible against the background, but to confuse enemy weapons operators... Read more »

Lego hexapod bot

YouTube user GusJanss made an awesome Mindstorms walker that uses only 3 NXT servos to move six legs. Nice hack! The Hexapod Walker is a six legged LEGO NXT robot walker. It uses a gait that causes very little slippage at the feet so can walk well with rubber tipped... Read more »

Behind the Scenes at MAKE and CRAFT

In January, many of the remote MAKE/CRAFT team members (myself included) convened at the Maker Media headquarters at O’Reilly Media in Sebastopol, California. Take a look behind the scenes of your favorite DIY publications as Goli Mohammadi gives us a tour! View on YouTube, Vimeo, or, subscribe to the... Read more »