Forrest M. Mims III

Forrest M. Mims III

Forrest M. Mims III (, an amateur scientist and Rolex Award winner, was named by Discover magazine as one of the “50 Best Brains in Science.” His books have sold more than 7 million copies.

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Use cheap photoresistors, phototransistors, and photodiodes to make powerful sensors for your projects. Read more »

A Mars-Bot will include the drive and steering mechanisms of a conventional competition robot, plus a wireless video cam and various sensors.

A simulated space mission could leverage the popularity of robotics competitions to teach science. Read more »


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Use data loggers and DIY sensors to map temperatures where you live. Towns are hotter than countryside, parking lots are scorching compared to green fields — what else can you discover? Another great amateur science project from Forrest M. Mims III, who shows you how to build and mount simple... Read more »


They're everywhere — in car taillights, traffic signs, and reflective tape on clothing. Unlike an ordinary mirror, a retroreflector bounces an oncoming beam of light straight back to its source, no matter the angle. Read more »


No matter what you plan to make, invent, or discover, one of the best steps you can take is to keep a detailed record of your progress. Read more »