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Yesterday I went to check out Burning Man Decompression in San Francisco. As always, there were incredible costumes: a pair of giant cardboard robots, interacting with passersby, a gentleman dressed as a walking gold lamé shower, and my personal favorite, brainwave-controlled animal ears. Read more »


When we hear about cool project builds, it's like music to our ears.  But making music from the soundtrack of a busy workshop?  Even better!  Read more »


The thing this first-time Burner found the most overwhelming (in the good way) was the presence of the maker spirit everywhere I looked. Practically everything that makes its way to Black Rock City is made by hand, and most of it is made just because nothing quite like it has... Read more »

Hey Mr. DJ...

Back in the day, before iPods were standard-issue for the under-10 set, the Fisher-Price record player was, literally, the jam.  Kid-friendly, fully functional phonograph fun.  With your own collection of toy plastic records, you could rock out to any number of beloved childhood tunes until Mom came to tuck you... Read more »

The future is here, and it's old school

I’m a sucker for sentimental gifts (secret admirers, take note).  At home, I have a small, highly prized collection of mixtapes: some were gifts from childhood friends, and others were tokens of affection from boyfriends of yore.  Each one was a work of art as much as it was a... Read more »

Is everyone having fun at Maker Camp?  Yesterday Jared Ficklin joined us, showing everyone how to make awesome animated GIFs.  In Jared’s words: “The GIF is an image format from the early days of the interweb that was designed to support animation by stringing together multiple images into one compressed... Read more »

my masterpiece

These are the ongoing adventures of the MAKE Sales and Marketing team, as we build our maker skill sets… pretty much from scratch. To read about how MAKE Sales Camp came to be, go here. Up until now at MAKE Sales Camp, it’s been all fun and games.  We did... Read more »