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Patti Schiendelman

Patti Schiendelman

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Mary P. (Nebraska) made a fascinator for her mom and posted about it on her blog, Pretty Good Things. Her mom loves Jimmy Buffett, and she concocted this glittery desert island awesomeness for her to wear to the next Jimmy Buffett concert. Note: You learn something new every day: Parrot... Read more »

I’ve been taken with neon and next-to-neon colors lately, so I like Chicago artist Esther Ramirez‘s bright paper jewelry. Read more »

Today is Fun shares a clever game that gets grandchildren to interact with their grandparents (and vice versa). Sort of a generation gap icebreaker. The Grandparent’s Game! A visit from grandparents is a very exciting occurrence in our house. The grandparents are delighted to see the kids and vice versa.... Read more »

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up – it’s next Wednesday! If you’re planning an Irish-themed meal, this recipe for Irish Soda Bread with Fennel & Cinnamon on Everybody Likes Sandwiches looks quite nice. Growing up, ours was a pretty standard (but delicious!) St. Paddy’s Day meal: Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes…... Read more »

Jenni Rope's awesome stop-motion animation using paper cutouts. Read more »

Birds have a hard time finding food in the winter – Crafty Crow has a great roundup of lots of different ways to feed them; these are great projects for kids! Read more »


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