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Jason Babler

Jason Babler

I'm the Creative Director of Make: magazine, and I love to sculpt monsters and toys.

Latest from Jason Babler


We are days away from Maker Faire, but Bertier Luyt (President of Le FabShop and organizer of Maker Faire Paris) showed me his version of a Makey. Not only is it fully articulated, it’s just one file. Grab it over at Thingiverse. Print one out! Better yet, bring him over to Maker... Read more »

Acid stain concrete countertop

This old-world, weathered piece features tool marks and a fantastic acid-stained patina. Read more »

Ridiculous detail on the teeth

Here at MAKE, we are busy putting the final touches on our next special issue, the second annual “Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing.” While that issue is devoted to the growing market of home 3D printers, we ventured out to see the other side of the market. John Vegher, owner... Read more »

Auntie Clause

We visited Athena Studios and interviewed the staff about their current stop-motion animation project, “Auntie Claus”. Jon Peter’s Athena Studios optioned the award-winning children’s Christmas book, Auntie Claus, from author Elise Primavera, and are developing an animated trailer and pitch package to adapt into a stop-motion film. This film will... Read more »

Last year I had the great fortune to meet Christoper Fritton at the World Maker Faire New York. His letterpress posters of landmark New York buildings stopped me dead in my tracks. They were printed using only dingbats and are simply stunning. I’ve done a tiny bit of letterpress myself... Read more »


Weathering plastic or wood to make it look like aged metal is an effect you can achieve in less steps than most people expect. The *most* basic weathering can be done with only two paints. Here, I’ll show you how to weather and age using only three paints. This technique is how... Read more »


Making copies of objects like trinkets or figurines is easier than you think. In this project, I’ll show you how to make replicas of something fun — a robot — using a simple moldmaking technique. Then you can make the robots into custom keychains for you and your friends. Read more »