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Brian Jepson

Brian Jepson

I'm a tinkerer and finally reached the point where I fix more things than I break. When I'm not tinkering, I'm probably editing a book for Maker Media.

Latest from Brian Jepson

The Redpark Serial Cable, which is part of the Redpark Breakout Pack for Arduino and iOS available from the Maker Shed, lets you connect the iPhone to Arduino without jail breaking. This guide shows you one of the simplest examples: connecting an iOS device to an Arduino and turning an... Read more »


Maker Shed is now carrying RedBearLab's Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Shield. It's an inexpensive, simple, and fun way to get Arduino talking to an iPhone, iPad, or even some Macs... and probably a few Android devices as well. True to its name, BLE is low power, and it's also easy.... Read more »

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Cover

Today's the last day to get 50% off the Early Release ebook of Getting Started With Raspberry Pi. Buy it now while it's still being written, and get the final version of the ebook when it's done. Read more »

Fab Academy Trebuchet

The Fab Academy Providence is accepting applications for their 2013 program. This is a six-month long digital fabrication program that's directed by Neil Gershenfeld and is based on his MIT rapid prototyping course, How to Make (Almost) Anything. Deadline for applications is November 30, 2012. Read more »

123D iPad App

Here's a first look at Autodesk's new 123D Design iPad app, which is also out for Mac and PC. It's free, and very easy to use. It didn't take me long to put together a printable object, and I was printing it in a few short minutes. Read more »


If you like making things, then you will love .NET Gadgeteer. You can create many interesting projects by just plugging together components and writing a few lines of programming code. Check out this upcoming hands-on webcast presented by Simon Monk, author of Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer: Thursday, November 8,... Read more »

2-Wheeled Robot

Considering a robot for your next Arduino project? Even if you're not, this free webcast with the author of the Arduino Cookbook will teach you plenty of practical information about controlling motors and using sensors with Arduino. Read more »