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This week Jimmy experiments with creating a mold out of wood to form leather into a sheath fit to house some tools. Read more »

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This week, Jimmy DiResta stamps a quote from Willy Wonka into brass to create a cool ring. Read more »


The best way to learn is stop reading and just start making! Diresta shows us how he adapts an old design for an X-carve machine. Read more »


In this week's episode of DiResta, Jimmy makes a simple row of hooks to store keys or wrenches. Read more »


DiResta upgrades his X-Carve and makes a shop stool. You can make one of your own or modify the design on Inventables. Read more »


In this episode of DiResta, Jimmy makes four tables for a kindergarten makerspace. Read more »


In this episode of DiResta, Jimmy shares his latest organizational project in the form of stackable workshop bins. Read more »