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Krista Peryer

Krista Peryer

Designer, photographer, writer, comic book reader, spontaneous dancer and lover of all things creative.

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3D printing and cosplay make a great team with this Samus Aran suit. Read more »


Halloween is right around the corner, and here's a DIY costume idea. Read more »


The Crayola Crayons factory makes 12 million crayons a day, in 120 different colors. Here's how they do it. Read more »


Adam’s Science Website puts it like this: Bass Cannon is a party on your shoulders. A weapon of mass destruction. A thing to make your neighbors angry. Bass Cannon is a mono audio system with a pair of x-pass filters, a powerful amplifier and suitable drivers. It’s composed of an... Read more »


If you really don’t like the task of watering your plants, you can make a super easy DIY self-watering planter! Read more »


When my daughter was not more than 4 years old, she came up to me, tiny voice and hair in lopsided pigtails from the days activities, and said “Mommy, when I grow up, I wanna be Daft Punk.” She loved them! We’d watch Interstella 5555 every day, over and over... Read more »


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