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Krista Peryer

Krista Peryer

Designer, photographer, writer, comic book reader, spontaneous dancer and lover of all things creative.

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Using a FormLabs Form 1 3D printer, artist Julien Maire has created a 3D-printed, truly 3D movie. And no need for those special 3D glasses, either. The artist’s new film Men At Work uses stereolithography, an additive manufacturing that produces one layer at a time by curing photo-reactive resin with... Read more »


Halloween is right around the corner, and this awesome electronic demon costume is sure to cause a ruckus on your trick-or-treating adventures. The costume features glowing EL wire wings and horns, an animated LED matrix face, and an Arduino-based voice changer, and Adafruit gives you the tutorials you need to... Read more »


Why buy a toy store RC car when you can make your own! Read more »


Needing a new computer? Here's how you can build your own! Read more »


How To: Doctor Who TARDIS costume for dogs complete with TARDIS sounds and lights Read more »


No more hand cramps with this modded 3DS - GameCube controller combo! Read more »


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