Jon Kalish

Jon Kalish

Jon Kalish is a Manhattan-based radio reporter, podcast producer and newspaper writer. He's reported for NPR for more than 30 years.

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OSE founder Marcin Jakuboski inside the fabrication facility

Our special contributor, Jon Kalish, drives into Missouri’s corn and soybean country in search of the Open Source Ecology project. Read more »

Tom Accardi of HTK Engineering

Now a mechanic with just a year of community college under his belt has unveiled a system to prevent rollaways. 44 year-old Tom Accardi managed to create the system and bring it to market without the help of venture capitalists or companies that prey on aspiring inventors. Read more »

Plans are under way to start the first of five farms at Los Angeles high schools. Filmmaker Mark MacInnis, whose feature length documentary Urban Roots chronicles the thriving urban agricultural scene in Detroit, is spearheading the project. MacInnis says the first school farm will be located at James A. Garfield... Read more »

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Early on a recent Friday morning, a crane hoisted an old Airstream trailer onto the second floor of a building under construction in the Alphabet City section of Manhattan. The shiny aluminum trailer (circa 1958) is destined to become a recording studio inside of the Lower East Side Girls Club,... Read more »

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There was no corpse in the coffin because it is one day going to be used by Bader herself, who has no plans to kick the bucket anytime soon. Ever since reading a Twin Cities newspaper account of a course titled "Bury Yourself In Your Work: Build Your Own Casket,"... Read more »

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The 58 year-old public school teacher has a dozen chickens and ten beehives that belong to a neighborhood "honey co-op." He has about an acre of fruit trees and veggies growing on ten vacant lots behind his house. The day I came by, his working 1960 Ford tractor was parked... Read more »

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The new Ultimaker 3D printer made in the Netherlands has arrived in the United States. The machine, which prints bigger and faster than the MakerBot printers, was created by three Dutch makers who met at the Fab Lab in Utrecht, Holland two years ago. The lab is one of dozens... Read more »