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Labyrinth games are fun, and you can build one as easy or as difficult to beat as you want. Technically it’s a maze and not a labyrinth, but spending much time defining the difference would be taking away from the fun. This example uses wooden blocks, but you can use sugar... Read more »


Balance board is wonderful. We’ve based this build on the Howtoons‘ Rola Bola project from MAKE Volume 08 [viewable here]. The Rola Bola is essentially just 3 pieces of wood, some screws, and a PVC pipe that translate to hours of low-tech fun. Any kid (big or small) you make this balance board for... Read more »


If you don’t know who Becky Stern is, it’s not her fault. She’s prolific. She’s worked at Make:, Adafruit, places of higher learning, and given talks all over the nation. Any decent write up of her work could easily take up a small novella, or a shelf worth of alternative yet... Read more »


Come celebrate the “Day of Making” at the Make: headquarters in Sebastopol. Read more »


This tutorial will show Windows users how to easily connect to your Raspberry Pi via SSH using the free and open-source WinSCP software. Read more »


Simple hack turns RaspPi into an FM transmitter with a 100 meter range. Broadcast your favorite music throughout your house, dorm, or football field. Read more »


The Vector Weapon has been one of our most popular projects on our Maker Faire table. It makes a wide variety of gleefully retro space sounds, and it's a good intermediate soldering project. You can put it in your own case, or get a rad one from the Shed. Read more »