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Longtime MAKE pal Raphaël Assénat wanted to recycle his stash of anti-static bags for component shipping, and built an improvised heat-sealer to do it. It's just a step-down transformer, some current-limiting resistors, a momentary switch, and a resistance wire made by uncoiling a compression spring. Read more »

This is a well-documented solution for storing unlimited caller ID phone numbers. The site contains schematics and the software needed to decode and store the data. Some time ago, I subscribed to the Caller Id service to know who is calling me without being required to pick-up the phone. Unfortunately,... Read more »

Raph writes – This is a project to interface sensors to an USB port for collecting weather related data such as temperature. The firmware supports many different sensors and interfaces. At the moment, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure can be measured, logged and graphed. USBTenki: USB Temperature sensors and... Read more »

Raphael writes in – Someone gave me a Kenwood infra-red keyboard, designed for some Kenwood audio equipment. In order to make somthing useful with it, I built a receiver which connects to a PC PS/2 port. PS/2 Keyboard IR Receiver – Link. Read more »

Raphael writes – Being able to play NES and SNES games on the Wii’s Virtual Console is great (Thanks Nintendo!), but it’s much more fun to do it with the original controllers. (And some games are much more playable like this). That’s why I decided to design this Nes/Snes controller... Read more »

Raphael sent in this rad Atari style joystick/controller to USB adapter – “When playing games from the 8bit computer era, I believe that gameplay is better using a real joystick from the time. It’s more fun :) Many people like me have been happy doing this with simple homebuilt parallel... Read more »

Raph writes – “I have used the NES/SNES controller on parallel port mod for years, but since parallel ports have become quite uncommon, I decided to design my own SNES/NES to USB adapter. The solution is completely open source so anyone with the right skills and equipment can build one.”... Read more »


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