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As we trudge closer to living in a totally paperless society, the idea of reading a book printed on paper made from actual trees is becoming more and more of a novelty. So, imagine what a revelation it might be to read a book printed on actual paper in 100... Read more »

Samy Kamkar, one half of Epoch Rises, showing off the duo's LED panel.

  When most think of electronic dance music (EDM), flashy lights are sure to come to mind. Electronic music duo Epoch Rises went a step further and designed an interactive LED panel that responds to music as it’s played. Get your old school rave bracelets out of the freezer –... Read more »


In July, littleBits introduced their new cloudBit module, which allows users to snap the internet to anything and create their own internet-connected devices/projects. The littleBits system of magnetically interlocking pieces that just snap together is already one of our favorites here at Make: magazine. You can see them at Maker... Read more »

Punch pic square

Makerspaces aren't just a good source of camaraderie and hobby level one-off projects. They also occasionally create and manufacture pro-level consumer products and services. Here are a few notable items that you can purchase, which have come from makerspaces around the country. Read more »


Anyone remember the TI-99/4A? We do. Well not anecdotally, but out of our fondness for retro computing. The TI-99/4A was one of the first home computers (in fact its immediate predecessor, the TI-99/4 was the first 16-bit personal computer), released in 1981. In the style of its later (but more... Read more »


Carbon fiber isn't going to replace wood body guitars anytime soon, but for those who want something different here’s how I made the body for my carbon fiber acoustic guitar. Read more »


When it comes to open source hardware, we’re used to seeing schematics and board design files for printed circuit boards. But most of the time, the integrated circuits that are placed into these designs are actually closed source. However, today Parallax took a bold step towards openness by releasing the... Read more »


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