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I was in Portland and it was Maker Faire weekend so I had no choice, at the risk of missing my flight I had to go. Attending Faires is one of my favorite activities. Feeling the energy in the air, talking with makers, and unearthing fun projects are what it’s all about... Read more »

Photo by Eric Schneeweis

If you want to channel your inner Catherine Zeta-Jones and give it a shot yourself, take a crack at the Laser Maze. Read more »

Brian Carter’s Barn Door Tracker was designed primarily with Lego parts

Photographer Brian Carter designed a barn door tracker using Legos and a Mindstorms EV3 brick to take incredible photos of the universe. Read more »


BlocksCAD: Easy 3D CAD for Kids & Adults, Open-Sourced A CAD system designeD specifically to be easy to use for a beginner. BlocksCAD uses a simple drag-and-drop interface to create designs for 3D objects. It offers basic geometric shapes: cube, sphere, cylinder, cone, etc. Kids can combine these shapes to create... Read more »


Halloween is right around the corner, and here's a DIY costume idea. Read more »

Taran Van Hemert’s AT-AT constructed with custom 3D printed Legos

The Imperial Walker was designed using several different Technic sets and houses four motors to control everything from walking to firing rubber bands. He had to design and 3D print some pieces himself because they didn’t exist in any of the sets. Read more »


Every fall we get a new crop of schools and teachers coming to us looking for ways to get started with making. We’re developing more awesome Maker Media-made resources for you. In the meantime, over the next several posts we’re going to share the resources our colleagues in the classroom use... Read more »


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