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Learn about the sense of smell with eight perfume oils and a variety of jars, mixers, and pipettes. Experiments range from fragrance extraction to composing your own perfume scents. My friend and I enjoyed one experiment where we prepared test strips of all the fragrances and then guessed which we... Read more »

This is loads of fun — a way to get the kids out of the house during the winter, or make a cheap little ice fishing house that’s disposable. Any type of snow can be compacted into this nifty device to quickly create hundreds of perfectly formed, slanted, stackable igloo... Read more »

Beginners can learn how to weave their own bags, mats, coasters, and more with this portable weaving kit. The plastic mini loom comes with two shuttles, a beater, a weaving needle, five colors of yarn, and project instructions. Perfect for kids! Read more »

Without ever painting a portrait before in my life, I re-created the likeness of Pee-wee Herman with this PopParty Paint by Number Kit. Choose from the Golden Girls, Pee-wee, or my personal favorite, Lindsay Lohan’s mug shot. Better yet, order a custom kit from your own photo for $125, with... Read more »

Have you tried taking video using your digital camera but never seem to have enough light? Does your camera have trouble focusing in the dark? LEDs are cheap, and so are resistors, so why not make your own LED Video Light? With this second-generation kit from ProdMod, you’ll transform a... Read more »

Employing a centuries-old secret technique from the Edo period, this kit has everything needed to create an acrobatic doll, plus a festive kimono and a tiered pedestal on which to perform. You can even adjust the velocity of the doll’s action. The instructions are in Japanese with beautiful illustrations that make it easy... Read more »

Build your own life-size grasshopper and explore solar power with this educational mini solar robot kit. The snap-together, attention-getting  Solar Frightened Grasshopper teaches how solar energy can be used to generate electricity. This easy-to-use science kit is perfect for first-time experimenters with little or no experience. Ages 10 and up. Read more »


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