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This week I made a project with parts from the Arduino Starter Kit. I skipped over building the Proto Shield from the kit, since I made a how-to a while back. Otherwise, it's a simple build that doesn't require any soldering. Check out for more information and the code.... Read more »

More information at Today, I am going to show you how easy it is to connect, and use, a Memsic 2125 Accelerometer from the Maker Shed. This sensor is able to detect tilt, acceleration, rotation, and vibration with a range of ±2 g. It can be used for making... Read more »

How to use a Ping ultrasonic sensor with an Arduino. You can purchase a PING ))) ultrasonic sensor at Read more »

In the spirit of Halloween I made the Animated Ghost Kit from the Maker SHED. It's a fun little project. Read more about it at Read more »

It's Tuesday again, time for another build. This time I made a pumpkin that blasts a truck horn. Check out for more information and a complete build process. Read more »

This week I made a USB7 kit form the Maker Shed. I hope you like it. For more information check out Read more »

I have 2 really cool projects for this weeks How-to Tuesday. One is the Drawdio kit by Adafruit Industries, the other build is a modification of Drawdio called "Unruly." These are great projects to make with your kids. Although, when you are done you most likely will not be too... Read more »


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