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Despite all of the well-documented, homebuilt CNCs out there, I couldn’t get the momentum to build one, so I decided to start with a kit. The micRo looks great (in a NASA sort of way), and with a working area of about 12″×10″×4″, it’s big enough to be useful to... Read more »

Probotix offers several kits that add computer numeric control (CNC) to the X2 Mini Mill. I used their 3-Axis Monster Mill Stepper Motor Driver kit, plus a Ready-to-Run bundle that includes some additional components required to get it operational. For the computer itself, I used my old ThinkPad, but if... Read more »

Need miniature aluminum girders for your next robot? Look no further than the lightweight MicroRAX building system. Parts include 10mm aluminum beams and braces, plates, brackets, and other connectors. They’ve even developed adapter plates to attach your ’RAX to VEX and NXT constructs, allowing you to merge multiple building media. The... Read more »


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