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DiResta: Spoon on a Lathe

A few months back I made a spoon using the bandsaw. While I was making that spoon I was thinking...

Latest Food & Beverage Projects

Create a Smart Beer Fridge with a Raspberry Pi

Create a Smart Beer Fridge with a Raspberry Pi

Learn how to remotely monitor your beer fridge...

Jamie Bailey

  • Difficulty: Moderate
Bake These Easy BB-8 Cupcakes

Bake These Easy BB-8 Cupcakes

Everyone is clamoring about the newest, cutest Star...

Sophia Smith

Make a Fishing Lure from a Flattened Penny

When I was a kid we liked to put coins on a railroad tracks to squash them flat. You remember...

Latest Fun & Games Projects

Build a Cheap and Simple Star Wars BB-8 Puppet

Build a Cheap and Simple Star Wars BB-8 Puppet

This easy Star Wars BB8 puppet sits in...

Caleb Kraft

3D Print Your Own R/C Hovercraft

3D Print Your Own R/C Hovercraft

Create your own awesome remote controlled toy hovercraft...

Jan Buerstner

  • Difficulty: Moderate

DiResta: Makerspace Tables

My friend Dr. Danny Aviv, a STEM educator, asked me to create 15 tables for his new makerspace, The Idea...

Latest Furniture Projects

Rheoscopic Disc Coffee Table

Rheoscopic Disc Coffee Table

Make this spinning, swirling, self-contained liquid disc and...

Ben Krasnow

  • Time Required: A Weekend
Doortop Stash

Doortop Stash

You probably don't look at the top of...

Sean Michael Ragan

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time Required: 2 hours

DiResta: Log Birdhouse

A few weeks ago I made a video on carving a spoon. The design was random and I improvised it...

Latest Gardening Projects

Build a Mortarless Stone Retaining Wall

Build a Mortarless Stone Retaining Wall

This post will show you how to build...

Sam DeRose

  • Difficulty: Moderate
Build a Motorized System for Raising and Lowering Hanging Plants

Build a Motorized System for Raising and Lowering Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a great way to add...

Jason Poel Smith

  • Difficulty: Moderate

Automate Your Window Shades with the Mini Blind Minder & Weekend Projects

The Mini Blind Minder is the latest addition to our beginner-friendly series of Weekend Projects. While the project's difficulty is...

Latest Hacks Projects

Build a Working Wooden Mouse

Build a Working Wooden Mouse

In this project, you will make your own...

Sam DeRose

  • Difficulty: Moderate
Exploring Augmented Reality with Vuforia and Unity

Exploring Augmented Reality with Vuforia and Unity

Learn how to map a digital image to...

Adam Lukasik

  • Difficulty: Difficult

Making Fun: Kid’s Room Spacecraft When I was building the Mission Control Desk for my older son's room, it became clear that we would...

Latest Kids & Family Projects

Fold and Fly a Speed Jet Paper Glider

Fold and Fly a Speed Jet Paper Glider

Built to mimic designs of the Stealth Bomber,...

Jose German Tapia

How to Customize Your Clothing with Embroidery

How to Customize Your Clothing with Embroidery

Embroidery is a great activity that can add...

Eileen Welch

  • Difficulty: Easy