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Looking for a fun way to display your favorite Polaroids or mini instant camera photos? Check out this simple yet eye-catching DIY wooden polaroid holder project and video tutorial! Read more »


If you're gearing up for a big Sports Ball party this weekend, make sure your beer and soda game is spot on with this magnetic bottle opener tutorial! Read more »


Create your own gorgeous texture and color-filled accent wall with this impressive honeycomb hexagon wall tutorial! Read more »


If you love the look of barn quilts and want to scale down those big wooden designs for indoor use, check out this charming painted wooden quilt square tutorial! Read more »


Are the posters on your walls giving your otherwise grown-up home a distinctively college feel? That's nothing a few classy DIY wooden frames can't fix! Read more »


Try this simple wood working project to hide that ugly trash bin! Read more »


You can knock out these knock off stars in no time with a handy miter saw and a fancy DIY cutting jig. Read more »

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