Stitch It: Embroidered Cardboard Tube Desk Set

Have a few cardboard tubes from ordering posters or prints? Turn them into a slick embroidered cardboard tube desk set and bestow some order upon your worktable! Thick cardboard packing tubes make a great go-to crafting material for sturdy upcycling ideas, and the stitching on these organizers is a perfect... Read more »

Fashion Fun: DIY Snake Belt

Have some family-friendly fashion fun! This DIY snake belt is the perfect weekend project for quirky kids and adventurous adults alike. Need a little help holding those pants up? Obviously, you need some hisssistance! Embrace your wild side! Make cool reptile-inspired belts for the whole family with this DIY snake... Read more »


Add a little breakfast to your dessert (or dessert to your breakfast!) with this spectacular Fruity Pebbles ice cream cone from Dude Foods. Read more »

DIY Toys: Clothespin Animal Puppets

Have clothespins? Make toys! These DIY clothespin animal puppets are sure to be a huge playtime hit for your creative kids. Aren’t they cute? Whip up your own set of these cheap and charming toys with this clothespin animal puppets tutorial with free printable animal templates from Delia Creates. This... Read more »


Make your own crystals right at home from ingredients found in your kitchen! Read more »

DIY Baby: All-in-One Changing Mat with Storage Pockets

If you’ve got little ones at home or a baby shower on the calendar, you’ll definitely want to put this smart, portable DIY changing mat on your to-make list! Whether you’re visiting with friends or taking a trip with kids, I think you’ll agree that, with its compact roll-up design... Read more »

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