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Have a springtime wedding or a fun celebration on your calendar? Add some charming DIY to your party outfit with this sweet and colorful pom-pom sash tutorial! Read more »


There are some amazingly crafty works of art in this year's Whiney Biennial, including these exquisitely carved pencils by Peter Schuyff. Read more »


Alton Brown goes full-on Kubrick in this video that epically depicts how to make a quick and easy mustard caddy for your fridge to keep your condiments trigger happy at all times. Read more »


If you're looking for some little handmade gifts that you can make with kids, then take a peek at these lovely DIY Lacing Cards from Katie of Skunkboy. Read more »


15-year-old art student Demi Barnes shrewdly illustrates a common marital outcome with this sardonic wedding dress made from 1,500 divorce papers. Read more »


Rhode Island School of Design student Joyce Lin takes popsicle stick crafting to new heights with this incredible piece of kinetic sculpture of wings that actually flap. Read more »


Green up your love notes on this beautiful Earth Day afternoon with this fun plantable wildflower or herb paper tutorial! Read more »


Get the rich, luxurious look of vintage-inspired wallpaper while preserving your security deposit with this fantastic tutorial for making your own botanical wall decals using archived images of early scientific illustrations! Read more »


Looking for a way to spend more time with your plants? Take a gander and these unique pieces of jewelry made from live succulents. Read more »


Sweaterspotter Anna Maltz describes this charmingly simple "Little Dorrit" triple knitting row counter as the "cutest vintage knitting counter I own." Read more »


Craft your own unique art-meets-industrial lighting with this great wire ball pendant lamp tutorial! Read more »


Sundresses made of cute vintage pillow cases aren't just for little girls. If you have a pair of pillowcases, you can make a dress that fits up to a size XL! Read more »

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