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Recipe: Vegan No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

If you’ve got 30 minutes of prep time and a sweet tooth to satisfy, you can make creamy and delicious vegan no-bake chocolate cheesecake with common pantry staples! I pretty much always say yes to dessert, and these bite-sized treats look absolutely delightful. Is you mouth watering too? Head on... Read more »


Give yourself something to look forward to when your ice cream is gone with these ingenious cookie dough bowls from the incomparable DaveHax! Read more »


Whip up these simple felt tea bag toys for more play time fun with the kids! Read more »

DIY Paper Turquoise That Looks Just like the Real Thing!

Think faux stones can’t look like the real thing? Think again! If you like big, bold jewelry, you’re going to love this awesome DIY paper turquoise project. Paste and paper gems have long been a beautiful and inexpensive option for costume jewelry makers, and now you can do the same... Read more »


An easy way to get the look of stone jewelry without all the hard work of carving the real thing! Read more »

Fancy Faux Agate Coasters

If you’re going to use coasters, make them mini works of nature-inspired art! Wow your guests with a set of fancy DIY faux agate coasters. Polymer clay is a delightfully versatile material to have around the craft room, and, in addition to the usual beads and jewelry, it can also... Read more »

Dutch Wax-Inspired Paper Printing

Love the bold patterns and saturated colors of Dutch wax fabrics? Make your own eye-catching patterns with this Dutch wax-inspired paper printing technique! Our favorite DIY inspirations often come from global traditions, Dutch wax fabric being a beautiful case-in-point. With its origins in Javanese batiks and ties to Dutch printing... Read more »

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