Quilting Basics: EPP Quilting with Curved Shapes

Attention lovers of English paper piecing: If you’re ready to put down the hexies and try your hand at something new, you’ll definitely want to learn the basics of EPP quilting with curved shapes! With an easy-to-folow step-by-step photo tutorial and accompanying video, Diane from CraftyPod makes curved piecing a... Read more »

DIY Fashion: Comic Book Shoes

Love comics? Bring some awesome geek girl fashion to your closet with a pair of DIY comic book shoes! Transform beloved comic books—or any favorite book or piece of decorative paper—into a pair of trendy shoes that are uniquely yours with this detailed decoupage how-to. Ready to give it a... Read more »

CRAFT Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

Here are some cool things we saw in the CRAFT Flickr Pool this week: high expectations, by Frontier Dreams Eggs Earrings | The Collection, by chiuie.s Botânica, by Carol Grilo • FofysFactory® wood work developments, by anczelowitz Patchwork Lining, by michellepatterns Read more »

Backyard-Friendly Travel Checkers

Bring the fun to camping trips, picnics, or grandma’s living room floor with this backyard-friendly travel checkers game! Ready to delight kids and grownups alike on your next trip? Make your own foldable fabric checkers—or chess, if you’re feeling fancy—game board, then create your own durable custom polymer clay game... Read more »

Patriotic Printable: DIY Firework Glasses

Whip up your own fun and festive props for Fourth of July photo booths and beyond with printable DIY firework glasses! Ready to sparkle and shine this Independence Day? Make your holiday spec-tacular with these cool printable DIY firework glasses from Kelly at Studio DIY. Read more »

Pro Tips: Create a Perfect Gallery Wall

Charmed by walls filled with art and collections, but aren’t sure how to get started with your own? Design your layout before the first nail hits the paint with 12 tips that’ll help you create the perfect gallery wall. Don’t stress out about spacing and shapes—a little advance planning can... Read more »

Furniture Makeover: Cross-Stitch Chair

Give a tired old wicker chair a serious style upgrade with this fun cross-stitch chair project! If you’ve got ugly wicker chairs mouldering in your basement basement or grarage—not because there’s anything wrong with them, per se, but simply because they’ve seen better days—this just might be the perfect weekend... Read more »

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