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An easy way to get the look of stone jewelry without all the hard work of carving the real thing! Read more »

Dutch Wax-Inspired Paper Printing

Love the bold patterns and saturated colors of Dutch wax fabrics? Make your own eye-catching patterns with this Dutch wax-inspired paper printing technique! Our favorite DIY inspirations often come from global traditions, Dutch wax fabric being a beautiful case-in-point. With its origins in Javanese batiks and ties to Dutch printing... Read more »


Turn your favorite teas into scented candles with this clever tutorial from Francesca of Fall For DIY. Read more »


Make yourself some stunning vessels that you can customize to your needs with these incredibly simple torn clay bowls from Portia Lawrie of Makery. Read more »


Here's an easy craft project that also makes a great last minute gift! Read more »

Infinity Travel Scarf

Keep cozy while traveling light with this versatile DIY infinity travel scarf that does triple duty as a scarf, shawl, and blanket! Luggage stresses me out, so I’m always on the lookout for items that can help make my bag a little bit lighter. And, I have to say, this... Read more »

Wood and Leather Door Wedge

Create an elegant solution to a common household problem with a surprisingly sophisticated wood and leather door wedge! Ditch the ugly rubber door stop and hold your door open in DIY style with this wood and leather door wedge tutorial that Anna from Annabode shared on Home Made by Carmona! Read more »

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