Best of MAKE: My Ten For 2011

I took some free time over the break to review the stuff I covered last year and pick out about 50 personal faves. Then I went back through that list and produced this highly unscientific "Top 10" by bubble sort. Looking at it, now, I've learned some things about my... Read more »

Best of MAKE: Most Popular Posts of 2011

The robo-spiders have returned from their final 2011 traverse of the webway, the cogitators have done their crunching, and independent accounting droids have rubber stamped the numbers. Here are the top ten most popular posts on Makezine for 2011. Read more »

Best of MAKE: Our Year in Crowdfunding

Though it seems good form to use the umbrella term, for us here at MAKE, so far, "crowdfunding" essentially means "Kickstarter," a search for which returns exactly 100 published posts in our archives, dating back to the first Kickstarter we ever mentioned (the MakerBeam project) in October 2009.  Of major... Read more »

Best of Maker Business 2011

The year 2011 was abuzz with news of makers and making. From The Economist to Forbes, to Dale Dougherty (MAKE founder) being recognized by the White House, political and business leaders recognized that small companies and startups drive the economy, and that increasingly, innovation for these new ventures is coming... Read more »

Best of Make: Live Season 1 12/28/11 (video)

Make: Live's Best of 2011 show looks back at our favorite episodes from the very first season. Go behind the scenes with us for some of our most memorable moments-- from goofs and gaffes to last minute surprises and change ups. It's the best of robots, blinky LEDs, fires &... Read more »