Panda Head Magazine Issue 7


Morgan Hungerford and her team of creators, Nilay Lawson, Eric Loften, and Kate Green just put out issue 7 of the aesthetically-riveting Panda Head Magazine. The latest issue is their biggest endeavor yet with 70 contributors, a commune-theme, and the perfectly lovely/creepy cherry on top is the Panda cult camping... Read more »

XL Chunky Knits

There are so many lovely new on-line publications these days, and Anthology is a sweet new one. There are inspiring interiors aplenty in this one, but this entry on artist Christien Meindertsma caught my eye. I am all about big, chunky knits, and Christien brings this art form to another... Read more »

MAKE Volume 25: Arduino

Give your gadgets a brain! Previously out of reach for the do-it-yourselfer, the tiny computers called microcontrollers are now so cheap and easy to use that anyone can make their stuff smart. It’s called “physical computing” — with a microcontroller, your gadget can sense the environment, talk to the internet... Read more »


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