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Maker Profile – Watershed Sculptures on Make: television

Journey upstream with environmentalist Dan McCormick, a maker who crafts intricate watershed sculptures out of woven willow branches. Dan places his eco-art in gullies and riverbanks to help reduce erosion and filter out sediment and farm fertilizers that can clog streams and suffocate spawning salmon. And see other manmade structures... Read more »

Maker Channel Ep. 10 – Sunlight poem, Pedal-powered blender,

Make: television presents: Sunlight Poem Ji Yeon Songs one-day poem projector made of cardboard and sunlight. Pedal-Powered Blender David Butcher outfits a bike with a generator that can run a blender. Handmade Theremin- Lorin Parkers musical instrument is played without being touched. Time-lapse Camera Jay Burlage hacks into a clock... Read more »

Maker Channel Ep. 8

Make: television presents: Uber Tuber Zack Gens and Ted Groessling slice and French fry potatoes with each blast of an air cannon. Freeline Skates - Ryan Farrellys skates are made to simply step on and ride like two mini-skateboards. Asteroids Watch - John Maushamers watches tell time while playing Asteroids... Read more »


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