Maker Channel Ep. 7 Organ, Ball-fetching Robot, Truth

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MAKE: television Presents: Balloon Organ - Fran Hollands bagpipe-sounding musical balloon instrument. Ball-Fetching Robot - Mark Whitneys autonomous dog-like robot that can follow and fetch a ball. Truth Wristband - Sean Montgomerys wristband that uses technology similar to whats in lie detectors. Submit a video of your own project at... Read more »

Maker Profile – Music Machines on Make: television

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Enter the plugged-in world of Tim Kaiser, a maker who creates experimental musical instruments from scavenged objects. Tim seeks out unique sounds everywhere he goes plucking chimes out of grandfather clocks and jingle mechanisms from childrens toys. And he doesnt stop there his electronic instruments have to look cool, too.... Read more »

Maker Workshop – Portable Trebuchet on Make: television

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Whats it like to have a five-foot long throwing arm? Just watch as John Park builds a portable trebuchet that can fling water balloons fifty yards. Unlike Medieval trebuchets that were constructed out of giant timbers and stout materials, this human-powered version is made out of cheap, easy-to-assemble ABS plumbing... Read more »