Month: September 2006

Self charging LED cactus

Here’s a cactus that lights up when it is dark, MAKE Flickr photo pool member Mleak writes – “First electronics project. During the day, when the (living) cactus gets sunlight, it charges itself up. In the night, when there’s no more sunlight, the cactus lights itself with an LED. – Link.

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Robothon – This weekend for Seattle area Makers!

If you’re in the Seattle, WA area, go check out the Robothon – they have a robot rental and building workshop too… Paul writes – “As the site says, it’s a national event that showcases ROBOTS put on by the Seattle Robotics Society ( Best part? IT’S FREE. and two days long! Located at the […]

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HOW TO – Build an Intel 8008 computer “Clock”

Len writes – “Here’ how to build an Intel 8008 computer that displays the time of day. This is the most authoritative site on the Internet for Intel 8008 design information. Complete schematics, software, and reference material are included.” – Link. Related: Other clock projects, how-tos and mods – Link.

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