Your Projects

Your Projects

“Your Projects” is a column that features some of the awesome creations our readers have been making. These projects from our readers come from the MAKE Google+ Community and beyond.

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Check out this robotic arm Yu Jiang Tham created with the newly released Leap Motion. With an Arduino and some servos, he can use his own gestures to pick up objects.

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Always a fun experiment, James Copeland of LVL1 Hackerspace played around with an audio speaker and some non-Newtonian fluid.

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Using MAKE’s favorite new material, NeverWet, Ken Mori made a Labyrinth-style puzzle game that uses a water droplet instead of a standard ball bearing.


One of our Maker Camp participants has been working on an LED cube, for which he has some lofty plans:

Currently working on the gigantic mind control LED cube. With its awesome power to mesmerize millions at a time via live streaming video and hangouts online it will no doubt make a powerful addition to our plans to Take Over The WORLD!! BUAAHAAAHAHA!!
Here’s a peek at the beta test model. Don’t look to long. We’re not ready to start creating zombie hoards just yet.


Maker Camper Dylan Young had this to share:

Started a ball of plastic cups, ran out after one bag, I will probably finish it the next time I get cups, I was also thinking about putting some kind of light in it, any ideas?

Like these projects? Be sure to sound off in the comments! Your project could be in next week’s column.

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