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Lotka Volterra model

A Better Way to Learn Calculus


with Joan Horvath and Rich Cameron Author/Educators Joan Horvath and Rich Cameron join me to talk about their new book,...


Humanmade SF


A Conversation with Ryan Spurlock A refugee from TechShop in SF, Ryan Spurlock took what he learned there and applied...

Maker Faire Long Island

The Magic Never Died


Maker Faires are slowly coming back. Maker Faire Long Island, after not happening for two years, took place in June...

Make:cast Wyoming's Maker Pass

Wyoming’s Maker Access Pass


Tyler Kerr runs the Innovation Wyrkshop, a makerspace at the University of Wyoming. Largely because of COVID, state officials saw...

Making Is So Elementary

Making Is So Elementary


“The Kids Are Like Me.” Until she got to college, Julie Darling didn’t realize that sitting and listening to teachers...

Mike Senese

Mike on Make:


Make: Executive Editor, Mike Senese, is leaving after almost nine years. He sat down with Dale Dougherty to talk about...

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