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Students excited about a heart that they made

Authentic Learning and Making


Michael Stone is an educator who led efforts to create 34 Fab Labs in K-12 schools in Hamilton County, Tennessee,...

The Mortician robot by Ray Billings

The Return of RoboGames


Organizer David Calkins and combat robot legend Ray Billings talk about RoboGames. After a four-year hiatus, RoboGames returns on April...

The Story of Voron Design with Maks Zolin

The Story of Voron Design


Maks Zolin wanted to build a better, faster printer that was also quieter. He set out building the Voron printer...

Debra Ansell's Colorful Orbs

Obsessed with Colorful Orbs


Maker and educator, Debra Ansell is my guest on this episode of Make:cast. She is obsessed with orbs– colorful, LED...

AI Tools You Can Use Right Now

AI Tools You Can Use Right Now


Here’s a list of tools you can use right now to experiment with the most cutting-edge computer brains available.

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