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Opinion: Repair It Yourself

Opinion: Repair It Yourself


People have always repaired things. What’s new is that there is such an abundance of information and expertise available online...

Kiddy Copter

Kiddy Copter – A Family Affair


In Make:V76, Mike Senese wrote an article, titled “Flight Trainer,” in our Made on Earth section. It was about the...

Bill Gurstelle on Make:cast

Maker’s Knowledge


Maker’s knowledge is the unique understanding of a thing by the person who made it. Author and Make: contributor Bill...

Make: 2021 Year in Review

Make: 2021 Year in Review


Here are some of the best things we worked on at Make: - the cool makers we meet and the...

Leveraging Biology to Make Things

Leveraging Biology to Make Things


Authors of "Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero", Julie Legault and Dr. Justin Pahara talk about making genetic engineering part of...

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