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Cy Tymony and his "Sneaky" books

The Sneaky DIY of Cy Tymony


Cy Tymony is well known as the author of “Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things” and “Sneaky Math” and he’s written for...


How the Original Eggbot Was Hatched


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Author Matt Zigler in the makerspace

Making as a Creative Practice


Matt Zigler is the author of a new book for educators titled "3 Modes of Making." He talks about imitation,...

It’s Time to Design for Repair

It’s Time to Design for Repair


A Conversation With Jude Pullen Trying to repair almost anything can be a frustrating exercise. Repair is made more difficult...

AI Robots Book and its Authors

AI Robots for Kids


This episode features an interview with the authors of a new book from Make: titled “AI Robots” which includes Reade...

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