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Airpopper coffee roaster video


Here’s a follow-up to my backyard coffee roasting post. All around great makers Mikey Sklar and Wendy Jehanara Tremayne made...

Moleskine indexing hack

Moleskine indexing hack


I love this simple hack for getting at a particular section in your notebook a little more quickly.

Backyard coffee roasting

Backyard coffee roasting


My supply of decent roasted coffee is at dangerously low levels, so my daughter and I spent a short time...

Remote jaw mask development

Remote jaw mask development


A magician friend of mine occasionally asks me to build tricks for him. I’m flattered and find this to be...

Browse the web with Thingamagoops


This is what happens when a couple of light-sensitive Thingamagoop analog synthesizers scan a blog. I’d love it if someone...

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