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EMSL’s 555 Footstool

EMSL’s 555 Footstool


Our friends Lenore and Windell of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, have cooked up a scale model of a 555 chip...

555 Contest Winners Announced


Jeri and Chris of the 555 contest have announced the results: Artistic Randy Elwin — Le Domineux Sergio Gonzalez —...

Elegant 555 Radio

Elegant 555 Radio


As an entry to the 555 contest, Flickr member eschlaep has put together a beautiful AM radio: The 555 timer...

555 Contest is Almost Over


For those of you interested in submitting a 555-based project to the contest, I hope you get a lot of...

555 contest prizes piling up


If you’re considering NOT entering the 555 contest, be sure to peep their list of prizes before you make that...

555 contest up and running


The 555 contest was conceived by Jeri Ellsworth and Chris Gammell in a conversation on Twitter, and now it’s going...

Make: Electronics and the 555 man

Make: Electronics and the 555 man


The 555 Man By Charles Platt While fact-checking Make: Electronics, I realized I didn’t have permission to publish a photograph...

Maker’s Notebook 555 cover


This member of the MAKE Flickr pool added a 555 light-flashing circuit (from Charles Platt’s “The Biggest Little Chip” piece...

simple DIY 555 synth

simple DIY 555 synth


Youtuber sycmuzak posted this demo/explanation of his breadboarded sound circuit – My homemade 555 timer synthesizer. I made it in...

555 timer cake


From the MAKE Flickr photo pool For InterAccess’ “555 Timer Night” at Open Studio, they made this 555 IC cake,...

One shot 555 timer

One shot 555 timer


Finkbuilt has very detailed instructions on building a one-shot 555 timer. The article is full of diagrams and pictures of...

555 timer light synth


Another 555 project today: Matt made this simple mod to the 555 circuit in Make Volume 10 to create a...

LM555 Night light

LM555 Night light


Brandon adds a LM555 and some LEDs to his toddler’s glow-in-the-dark headboard. Now his son has a beautiful night light...

555 chips? Bet you can’t eat just one


Every wirehead knows about breadboards, prototyping board, circuit design software, and other tools for circuit designing, but what about Lifesavers,...

LM555 Tick tick tick

LM555 Tick tick tick


Dave writes in – I wanted to see how few parts I could use, from what I had on hand,...

21 - 40 of 902 results