Cheap Soldering Fan

This fume extractor is based on the mini fume extractor that was made by Marc de Vinck. This is basically a fume extractor mounted onto a third-hand tool. In other words, this is just a thing you can do with the mini fume extractor. If you want a fume extractor... Read more »

Arduino and Python: Learn Serial Programming

For this tutorial, you will need (or at least it is helpful to have) a knowledge of the Python programming language. You will also need an Arduino and, depending on how many of the projects below you want to work on, different electronic parts. Let’s dive in! Read more »

Use an Arduino Clone to Control a TV

If you are looking at this project, make sure you have seen my previous one, Getting Started with Arduino Clones. In this tutorial, we will continue from where we left off, and learn how to control a TV by wiring the Arduino clone to an RCA cable (only wiring is... Read more »

TV that Greets You: Adding Sensors

In this project, we will wire in a sensor and add a program that I made myself, so that our TVs greet us when we walk in the room. However, make sure that you have done my previous tutorial that teaches how to use an Arduino clone with a TV,... Read more »

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