Ask CRAFT: Fusing Plastic Bags

This week’s question is about fusing plastic bags: I was watching threadbanger last week and saw the episode on ironing plasticbags to a laptop case, which was so cool, I wanted to make one for myself. But when I tried, the plastic just either would not couplettley fuse or it got all wrinkly and not […]

Ask CRAFT: Sewing Elastic

This week’s question is from Violet: Quite often when I’m crafting, I find that I have a need to sew a “loop” of elastic – similar to what you’d find inside the waistband of your favourite ‘jamma pants. I slightly overlap the two ends of the elastic and, using my machine to run a quick […]

Ask CRAFT: Plying Yarn

Ask CRAFT: Plying Yarn

When I posted about the amazing yarn I customized at Yarnia in Portland, OR, I got a lot of questions about plying yarn. At Yarnia the yarn is wound together from many “singles,” or individual strands of yarn to make up one unit, but the strands remain individual, making it a little more difficult to work with than plied yarn. I asked one of my professors, fibers artist Jerry Bleem, if he could teach my class how to ply yarn, or twist the singles together into a single strand, and in this video he does just that. Plied yarn is also much easier to work with on a knitting machine than non-plied yarn because there’s less of a chance of one of the individual fibers catching where it’s not supposed to. If you have a crafty question, send it on over to me at for use in a future installment of Ask CRAFT!
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