Quick Look: Prusa Sl1 Resin 3D Printer

We had the opportunity to explore Prusa’s latest entry into the 3D printing market, the SL1. This is a masked SLA printer, which means that the resin is cured via a UV lamp, that shines through an LCD screen up into the vat of resin.  The current trend in this market has been to cut […]

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40 Laser Cutter Projects To Take You From Beginner To Advanced

Laser cutters are amazing. They’re fast, versatile, and accurate. But simply having a cutter at your disposal isn’t enough. You need to be familiar with the skills necessary to take advantage of the tool. May from Grey Lightning has put together this quick guide of 40 laser cutter tutorials you can follow to hone your […]

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Turtle Stitch Goes From Code To Embroidery

use simple code to generate fantastic embroidery files

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