Make: Volume 55 is all about DIY robots. Those who take this on will find that bot building is more accessible than ever. Motors, sensors, and hardware controllers are easy and cheap to acquire, and offer incredible power. Programming software can be as simple as dragging blocks of code in a graphical interface — and even the advanced, custom options like Robot Operating System use protocols that are easy to use. If you’re simply looking to get a kit that contains everything you need for a certain type of robot, the options are now nearly boundless. We scratch the surface with our overview of kit products that are great for makers ­— check them out to figure out what will suit your needs best. If you’re looking for a challenge beyond kits, check out the Chip-E project, and the companion balance bot EddiePlus. Looking to use Lego? Take a look at the TrotBot and the Color-Sensing Sound Sequencer for ways to get started using this platform.

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