Arduino Book Case

The case is completely designed using Blender, an open source 3D application. I wanted a case that would allow me to take my Arduino to work and pick up where I left off without the teardown. Read more »

Dodecahedron Speaker for Desktop 3D Printers

At normal listening distances, an array of twelve speakers arranged on the faces of a dodecahedron is a very good approximation of a point sound source, and the sound waves it produces are very close to perfectly spherical. A dodecahedron speaker can be a useful tool in acoustics research, and... Read more »

DIWire Bender

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  • 12/18/2012 @ 11:04 pm

D.I.Wire Bender is a rapid prototype machine that bends metal wire to produce 2D and 3D shapes, pushing the limits of what can be produced in different materials, forms, and methods, anywhere from a model shop to your home. For the code, full bill of materials (parts list), and readme... Read more »

InMoov: The Robot You Can 3D Print

I started this project in January 2012. I have been working on this model(for the fun), trying to animate it and controlling it. Using a 3D printer issued from the Open source world, it became obvious I had to contribute somehow. Since I had never used Arduino, microcontrollers, and servos... Read more »

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