DIY Bedroom Make-Over

In this first of three DIY Bedroom videos, I show you how to paint a room, lay down Ikea click-together floor, and add trim to a baseboard. [youtube] Read more »

‘They Live’ Alien Masks

If you’re like me and my friends, Halloween is all about trying to out-do the previous year’s costume. This year, we decided to try to recreate the aliens from John Carpenter’s ’80s cult classic, They Live. And we did it all for under $15! Although this project is fairly simple,... Read more »

How-To: Mushroom Stool

We use these stools in our kitchen all the time, but they have gotten pretty beat up over the years. They are splattered with paint and are quite an eyesore. When my sister was recently visiting, she told me I could paint it to look like the little mushroom collection... Read more »

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