Automatic Pet Feeder

I am going to teach you how to properly set up an Arduino for this configuration and explain some basic programming. I am also going to explain to people how to build the system in a few simple steps. Read more »

Easy Multi-Use Whiteboard

In my real life, I’m a college English teacher. I spend a big part of each day writing on white boards and I love having a big space where I can sketch out ideas and then erase things and easily make changes. I wanted some of this flexibility in my... Read more »

Small Word Clock

This word clock has a lot of small steps that add up to a moderately difficult build. You’ll be building three circuit boards, possibly making (or modifying) a frame, soldering SMD parts and playing around with finicky die-cut stickers. However, the end result can be very satisfying. If you’re concerned... Read more »

Atomic Age Clock

With a few hardware store and household items we are going to construct our own clock that looks like a classic design piece. [youtube] Read more »

Silhouette Dog Portrait Using Illustrator

This project was my first time using both Adobe Illustrator and the Silhouette machine, so this is an easy and basic way to begin using these tools to create your own silhouette piece. [youtube] Read more »

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