Zombie Horror Wounds

This is an introduction to how food chemistry can create high-quality, low-cost, last-minute awesomeness that gives you full creative control over special effects makeup. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGx8vkH33bs?wmode=opaque&w=560&h=315] Read more »

Almond Paste Pumpkins

It’s easy and fun to create adorable edible pumpkin decorations in no time. Just use delicious almond paste, or marzipan to sculpt as if you were working with clay. Almond paste is just blanched almonds and sugar, ground into a paste. Marzipan is almond paste, plus flour. Either one will... Read more »

Simple Rocket Fuel

This simple rocket fuel uses potassium nitrate as an oxidizer to allow sugar to burn rapidly. The product of combustion expands energetically, and this makes it an effective fuel for model rockets. After your fuel is made, it can be ignited by coming in contact with any flame. Read more »

Making Bar Soap

Just where and when humans first observed the chemical reaction between oil and potash is unknown. One legend says it was at “Mount Sapo” in ancient Rome, where a creek flowed over a deposit of wood ash and animal fats created by sacrificial fires for the gods. There’s evidence that... Read more »

Vegan Turkey Roast

Growing up I was quite accustomed to the yearly ritual of selecting the largest turkey we could find and babying it through the roasting process. However, once I married my vegan sweetheart, my Thanksgivings would never be the same. As usual, my creative mom came to the rescue and taught... Read more »

Army Guy Bowl

This is a fairly well-known stunt, especially since Mark blogged the work of Dominic Wilcox on Boing Boing back in 2004. The methods circulating on the web generally favor the use of an oven to melt the guys together, and while that’s certainly less labor-intensive, it generates a bunch of... Read more »

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