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Pinhole cameras have been a staple of makers and DIYers for generations, usually made out of wood, plastic, or metal. Over on Thingiverse, schlem has created a pinhole camera with a 3D printer. This one's special though: it uses 4x5" film, a very large size vastly superior in image quality... Read more »


While clocks made out of dead hard drives area wonderful use for discarded hardware, here is a much more interesting hard drive clock brought to us by [Bob Alexander] and a 1970s era Honeywell computer. In the 60s, 70s, and 80s, computers didn't have small removable hard drives like we... Read more »


With parts that could have been used to build a remote control jet, ScratchBuiltAircraft on Instructables managed to make something even cooler: a remote-controlled hovercraft. The body of the hovercraft is made of foam board, while the plastic 'skirt' around the bottom is just a simple heavy-duty garbage bag. Where... Read more »

Instructables user mikesoniat created a solar-powered shrub that charges phones and other devices with a USB socket. Read more »

Ben Miller created an Internet-connected dog feeder that dispenses food to his pups every time an email is sent to a certain Gmail add Read more »

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As a very small and inexpensive computer, the Raspberry Pi is sure to find its way into tons of projects over the coming months. To help those projects come to fruition, here are a few awesome Raspberry Pi-related gift ideas for your favorite maker this holiday season. Read more »