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I-Wei Huang

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I've had the intention to cover and post about my favorite artists for a long time now, finally getting off my lazy butt to do it. No better way to kick it off, than with a living legend, James Gurney. James is best known for the Dinotopia series, where he... Read more »

   The Building Blocks Every kid draws; I just never stopped. I spent countless hours dreaming up and drawing robots and creatures. People often call the ability to do art a natural talent, something you’re born with. But what many don’t see are the obsessive hours spent trying to improve... Read more »

In my opinion the coolest innovation in R/C vehicles is the crawler. As the name implies, crawlers are incredible crawling machines that are super fun to build and to run. Like a good video game, they’re easy to pick up but hard to master. Crawlers are built to climb over... Read more »


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