John Edgar Park

John Edgar Park

John Edgar Park likes to make things and tell people about it. He builds project for Adafruit Industries, Boing Boing, and Make. He has ninja warrior goals. You can find him at and twitter @johnedgarpark

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Build a cool, throaty exhaust pipe “resonator” for your bike with an aluminum beverage bottle. Read more »

Kinetic iPhone Case

  This iPhone case is a piece of kinetic art, printed in a single pass, no assembly required. Designer Chris Cordingley, who created it to be an analog fidget relief device, modeled it in Autodesk Maya, and printed it at Shapeways. Says Chris: Back in September last year I decided... Read more »


Who could resist the fame and glory of a successful art career? Not the people of Katowice, Poland who created collaborative, machine-assisted works of art on the “Public Painting Machine” created by Niklas Roy. Says Niklas: People on the street could paint with the machine by pulling on ropes which... Read more »

Jack Conte Hexapod

I really enjoy Jack Conte‘s music, creative video editing, and now, his behind-the-scenes look at the making of his latest video, Pedals. Please check out the video itself, and then enjoy his enthusiastic making-of video. Jack has maker skills!     The hexapod, Dmitiri, in the video was built and... Read more »

Barch Designs PiHolder

I’ll admit it: I'm an enclosure geek. From the sleek, brushed-metal case I got for my first Mini-ITX computer, to the sheet steel box I wrapped around the electronics in my Nerf Sentry Gun build, I put a lot of thought into selecting the right case for the job. For... Read more »


Joe Bowers is sneaky, resourceful, and rotten to the core. Whatever you do, don’t get in a prank war with him. Returning to my desk from a coffee break, I sat down, grabbed my mouse, and … nothing. The cursor was stuck to the left wall of my monitor. I... Read more »