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Kathy Ceceri

Kathy Ceceri

Kathy is the author of Making Simple Robots published by Maker Media and Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future from Nomad Press. She also helped create the GeekMom book and blog and served as's Homeschooling Expert. Find her on Twitter @kathyceceri and at her website Crafts for Learning.

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Build this surprisingly resilient structure, then make it move. From our new book, Making Simple Robots. Read more »


Until we enter the age of companion droids, robots for the mass market will continue to be categorized as either appliances or toys. Which makes Toy Fair New York a great place to check out the new consumer robots coming out every year. Happily, many of these robots come in... Read more »

ThinkFun Maker Studio

As I mentioned yesterday, the big theme of this year’s Toy Fair in New York is “joining the maker movement.” But to qualify as a genuine maker toy, a plaything should meet some basic criteria.  One new series of kits that fits my definition of a maker toy is the... Read more »


How should we judge whether a toy fits into the maker movement? Read more »

Kathy Ceceri - Making Simple Robots

Build a Robotic Balloon Muscle from the book "Making Simple Robots: Exploring Cutting-Edge Robotics with Everyday Stuff" by Kathy Ceceri, published by Maker Media. Read more »

Credit: Harvard SEAS

If you’ve ever made your own Bristlebot, you can appreciate how pared down and elegant is the category of artificial life know as vibrating robots, or vibrobots. Well, it turns out that when it comes to vibrobots, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In 2011, researchers... Read more »

A self-assembling robot from researchers at Harvard and MIT.

I have a thing for low-tech robots, especially when they’re made from everyday stuff. The body of this new little robot bug from MIT and Harvard, described last week in the latest issue of Science, is made from a five-layer sandwich of copper traces, paper, and shape-memory polymer — the... Read more »