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Weddings are the ultimate opportunity to exercise your crafting skills. Don’t leave out your groom and groomsmen — you can make their attire fit right in to your handmade wedding with this simple crochet bow tie pattern. Read more »


Create your own foam stamp and print some simple fabric flags to make party décor that’s one-of-a-kind. Foam is inexpensive and easy to cut, with no special tools required. Combine printing with the fun of mixing fabrics and you might find yourself making a banner for every occasion! Try spelling... Read more »

When my local recycling plant stopped accepting glass bottles, I wanted to find a way to reuse them, so I came up with this simple crocheted cozy. The buttons make it easy to change out the bottle if you need to wash or empty your new “vase.” It also doubles... Read more »


With an entomologist’s passion and meticulous attention to detail, glass artist Wesley Fleming recreates bugs in the form of tiny glass sculptures. Read more »

Inspiration for Gary Bates kinetic sculptures came from watching the windmills while plowing the fields of his grand-father’s farm in tiny Manhattan, Mont. Read more »