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Kona Kai Jewelry Stand


My lovely wife has been collecting vintage jewelry for most of her adult life. Some pieces she considers “too good to wear” and keeps stashed in jewelry boxes, waiting for those special occasions that never seem to come. Others she keeps in rotation, wearing favorites often, then switching them out... Read more »

Homemade Frame


Some scrap plywood and a sheet of plexiglass fitted with a few cents’ worth of hardware is all it takes to get those must-frame items out of your drawers and onto your walls. This framing project can be built to suit, but for the sake of a starting point, I’ve... Read more »

Vintage Book Stash


Admit it, you’ve got something to hide. There’s gotta be some little secret private thing you keep stashed in the back of a drawer or deeply sandwiched between your mattress and box spring — perhaps you’ve even got it stowed in some elaborate cubby that requires a stepladder and a... Read more »

Portrait Window


This is a project that celebrates friends. The core group. The people you can count on for a ride to the airport at 6:30 in the morning, or to help you drag a new sofa up three flights of stairs. The people who allowed themselves to be seen with you... Read more »