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The Raspberry Pi B+, Pi Camera Module, and free MotionPie software make it easy to keep a discreet eye on things Read more »

Galileo in Shed

The Maker Shed has just received a limited quantity of Intel's X86 based microcontroller, the Galileo. Designed in collaboration with the Arduino team, the Galileo is compatible with Arduino sketches and R3 compatible shields. Get yours now before they're gone! Read more »


Nearly every computer manufacturer makes a tablet computer. I wanted one based that ran Linux and was based on the Raspberry Pi. They don't sell that. So I made one. Read more »


MIDI controllers have long been a staple of electronic music, but there hasn't been a great way for you to build your own... until now. The Maker Shed has teamed up with Livid Instruments to bring you the Builder DIY lineup of MIDI controller kits. Let the creativity begin! Read more »

Cubelets are magnetic robot building blocks that snap together and don't require any programming, making it easy for anyone to build their own robotic creation. What could be more fun? How about making Cubelets work with building sets you already own? Read more »

Multiplo, now available in the Maker Shed, isn't your average robotics kit - It's a complete Open Source system for learning about and building robots. Read more »


I've been fascinated by Stirling and other heat based engines as long as I can remember, which is why I'm excited to announce that these educational alternative energy kits from Exergia are now available in the Maker Shed. Read more »