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Build a convenient folding table that's there when you need it and gone when you don’t. Read more »

Welcome Home

There are so many props and projects to celebrate Fallout, we had to limit it to 111! Read more »


Give your board a lift by adding legs built from off-the-shelf hardware. Read more »


You probably don't look at the top of your door often and neither does anyone else. So, hide a doortop stash in this hard-to-find, but easy-to-reach area. Read more »


I’ve always been interested in electronics, but when I started publishing projects professionally, I got interested in photography, too. I soon realized that with BEAM robots and other small “artisanal” circuits, the batteries are one of the largest and most visible components, and which brand you choose — the colors,... Read more »

Looking around my styrofoam plate hovercraft for a place to mount a switch, I hit upon the battery clip itself. I thought of a bunch of projects — from breadboarding to BEAM robotics to Arduino — where a 9V battery clip with a built-in power switch could come in handy.... Read more »