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Tomorrow, October 17th, at 6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT, join us for the final live hangout of Urban Sensor Hack. This will be an engaging broadcast, as members of our participating teams will share their projects with the Make community. Read more »


MAKE's Hardware Innovation Workshop is about a lot more than hardware. It is a conference of stories, stories about the process of making and importance of interation. Tune in for presentations on social machines and sensors that are changing the way we live. Read more »

The Google+ Blimps

The long tale of the slippery path taking Alasdair Allan, Kipp Bradford, Julie Steele and Rob Faludi to Google I/O to build a distributed sensor network that turned into the talk of the conference. Read more »

Sometimes finding the right snippet of code to use in your Arduino sketch is as simple as reading the Monday Jolt on the MAKE site. Read more »

Bi-directional communication between the iPhone and the BeagleBone via USB

I came across an excellent bit of wizardry by Rasmus Andersson called PeerTalk. It's a Objective-C library allowing you to communicate between your iPhone and your Mac over the USB dock cable using TCP sockets. My immediate thought was that the same mechanism should be able to be used to... Read more »

Sensor Mote from Strata

O'Reilly's Strata + Hadoop World New York kicks off Monday, and while the conference is sold out, there are several events that are part of New York City Data Week that are open to the public, including a data-focused Mini Maker Faire and an experiment with Arduinos, sensors, and XBees... Read more »

Beagle Bone and iPhone over USB

Alasdair Allan (author of iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino) and David House spent the weekend getting their iPhones to talk to their BeagleBones and Raspberry Pis over PeerTalk. Alasdair writes: Following up on the work I was doing last night connecting the iPhone to the BeagleBone using PeerTalk. I’ve now... Read more »


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