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The requisite starting point for anything electronic — you won't get much blinking, buzzing, or processing done without a power supply! Read more »

My colleague Collin Cunningham has an iPad app called Circuit Sidekick which consists of several tools for assisting electronics aficionados with their work. Let’s start with the Resistor Values function, pictured above. It helps you determine the value of a resistor by selecting the color bands you see on the... Read more » Not all electronic signals are communicated via electricity. By transmitting information in the form of light, we can avoid many limitations inherent to traditional wiring. And on top of all that - fiber optics are just straight-up cool! Read more » Another clever trick from the world of electronics — Pulse Width Modulation is a simple method for controlling analog devices via a digital signal. It's also an efficient way to drive motors, lamps, LEDs, and more. Read more » Measuring brainwaves is not just for neuroscientists anymore - new affordable consumer level EEG devices ( & even some toys) do a respectable job at measuring tiny voltage pulses given off by neurons firing in the brain. Cool - but how shall we use these new found sensory powers?... Read more » Oscilloscopes are surprisingly easy to use once you've located a few basic controls. They can provide newcomers with a whole new way to view the world of electronics & electricty - plus they look impressively cool/awesome while in use! Read more »

5mm or 10mm LEDs will work just fine for most projects, but if you really want to light up a room, consider using some of the high-power variety. With forward currents up to a full amp, you'll need a way to dissipate heat - but the results are very much... Read more »


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