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Check out Matthias Wandel’s excellent homemade wooden bandsaw. His build log provides detailed notes and plentiful photos. [Thanks, Don!] More: Bandsaw beautification Pedal-powered hacksaw Read more »

Matthias Wandel made this rather tongue-in-cheek invention to help him shake pens. Using my gear template generator program, I was able to establish that a three-tooth lantern against a mating cycloid shaped gear should just barely work smoothly. I wanted a high gear ratio for my pen centrifuge, so this... Read more »

Master crafter Matthias Wandel (famous for his homebrew pipe organ) made this clever wooden combination lock to demonstrate how combination locks actually work. Read more »

Matthias’ Lego domino row building machine takes the tedium out of laying out lengthy domino runs – and looks pretty smooth doing it. A motor from an old tape deck keeps the little guy moving forward and equally spacing each handmade wooden piece - The key idea that makes the... Read more »

This great tutorial on building a wooden keyboard case is just the tip of the iceberg at Matthias Wendell's impressive "woodworking for engineers" site. [via Hack a Day] Read more »

Clever woodworking project @, a Jenga pistol! Matthias writes – The game of Jenga was possibly designed to be a more contemplative and strategic game. But sliding those blocks out carefully without knocking over the stack is just entirely too fiddly a task to perform. I figured it would... Read more »

Daniel Carnes writes in to tell us about this cool wooden RC tank built by Matthias Wandel. The site has lots of pictures of the build. Matthias also makes other super elaborate wood works. Read more »


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